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One of the things I wish to accomplish with this blog is the continuation of my brain stimulation. I will miss how in school I get to discuss things like nursing and carative theories, which I love.  I want to continue that, so I hope to do so here in some context or another.  (after all, I am the only integrative health (holistic) psychiatric nurse that I know). For that reason, I have posted links here to my favorite nursing theorists, as well as some other stuff that I enjoy and like to talk about. I find that these theories, and others that I have encountered on my educational journey, not only apply to nursing or to organizations, but they also apply to Life.

So, on the thought of theory:  This week in my class, we are Once Again, studying change theory. It seems that we study this about every few months, and with good reason. Change is a HUGE deal, that many, often myself included, struggle with. I think I know Kurt Lewin’s Theory by heart now:). But I am always intrigued by these change theories, and put the question to myself….am I a change agent? or do I resist change? I think in the past I was a major ‘resistor’, but today! I can say that I am more of a change agent than ever before! I mean look at me – it took me a long time of dissatisfaction at PHV to bring myself to change. And now here I am ready to pack up and move (however temporarily) halfway across the country. And I am changing jobs after ONLY a year!  These change theories may be for organizational and social change, but they apply to me personally as well, and as I can apply them to my life, it helps me to better understand the people around me…and I become a change agent of my own life!

For example, today was my first day back to work after turning in my resignation on Friday. I was very intrigued by the responses from people – some were congratulatory, some avoidant, some supportive, some…well lets just say not so supportive. And as I apply change theory, I recognize that for each of these individuals my withdrawal will impact some (however small) change in their environment. The change ‘resistors’ are evident. But if I can see them in the light of that fear, for fear of change – fear of the unknown is a HUGE impediment to change, – then I can release my judgment of them for their response to me. At that point, I can hold them in my heart with love – and that is The Woman I Want to BE. That feels a lot better than my initial reaction, which was to snub them or be rude to them right back. Glad I didn’t go there. Glad I had an opportunity for a ‘life lesson’ – and I get to leave with No Hard Feelings! That, my friends, is pretty fabulous. Finding gifts in the funniest places.

And on that note….


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