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Reiki and GoodBye Kitty

dragon-earth.jpg  I am experiencing so many changes right now. It feels like I am in a very fast moving river – but the amazing part is that I am not struggling. I am flowing along and enjoying the ride. Every now and then I get a moment of desiring to struggle – to paddle upstream in this fierce current – but then I stop and relax, and I am flowing again. It really is a wonderful feeling. I cannot imagine embracing all these changes and activities one year ago.

Yesterday I received Reiki Level I certification. WOW. An absolutely amazing experience. I am naturally a very visual person, but imagine being able to see, really see energy with the minds eye and that energy at its most basic level during the certification process. I won’t go into great detail, but it was an amazing experience.

It is now common knowledge that we are all made up of energy in a world made up of energy and that we are constantly entering into energy exchange – from the most basic of levels – food for energy – to more complex exchanges of energy that come from interactions with people. I am sure that all of us have experienced feeling energy exchange first hand. My first thought for an example is how drained of energy I feel after walking around in a big mall – or how exhilirated and full of energy I feel when I am with a person who is vibrant and full of energy. Energy Exchange. So, with Reiki, I am learning to be a channel for that energy. We all have the ability to do so, the difference is, largely, conscious awareness. These concepts have been around a long time. From a nursing perspective,  Martha Rogers, a pioneer in nursing theory, wrote about this energy exchange in the 1950s with her Science of Unitary Human Beings theory – with its foundation in anthropology and mathematics. Rogerian theory talks about the human energy field and how it is in constant interaction with its environmental energy field..

But I am digressing, and I have to go to work. I may add more later. To sum up I will say that I am so exciting about entering this new realm of active energy work. There is so much more for me to learn, and so much I can accomplish.

 On another note, last night I gave away the kitty to a woman who seemed so excited and glad to have him. Hmm…part of me was very sad. I will miss his fun little presence. But another big part of me was glad that I could bring him to a good home where he can be loved.

Sometimes, when we let go of the reins, the most amazing possibilities arise… in both our life and the lives of others.


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  1. Sounds very exciting for you! Just showing Travis your website and mine, so hopefully you can expect to hear from him too!

    Love you!

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