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Las Cruces

Here I am in Las Cruces. The drive out yesterday was amazing. There is something about this country that just feels liked  home – that tugs at my soul with a yearning like I have experienced no where else in the world. And southern NM does it for me like Northern NM does not. I have a friend who, driving through this country, exclaimed about how very ugly and colorless it is. And, as I have thought every time I am here – how could anyone think that?! The desert and the mountains are vibrant with rich earthy browns and yellows, reds and oranges – and this in the middle of winter. There is something about looking out over miles and miles of this magnificient terrain that meets a longing in me that I forgot existed and at the same time stirs up an excitement to be doing more than just driving, but to be experiencing through my other sense as well. To smell, hear, feel and touch would be divine. But for now, I am content with driving.

I also experience a sense of homecoming when I drive up to my grandparents farm. Some things just seem timeless and despite minor changes this place stays the same. I seem to step back in time as I pass the old familiar gate, a gate that, as I understand it, I tried to plow down with my moms car at the tender age of 2 or 3. There is my favorite pickup in the world – old and blue and grandpas. There also is the most perfect view of the Organ mountains, and the stark beauty of the pecan trees shorn of their summertime glory. As I drive up the worn dirt road, I roll down the window to experience the crisp mountain air and the scent of alfalfa – while not as strong in the wintertime months, it is ever present here and is a smell that will forever remind me of this place and my grandpa.

I had such a good visit with my grandparents and my mother yesterday. I think that I could talk to my grandpa forever and not get tired. I was reminded yesterday – by a friend and my horoscope to be aware of negativity and not to let it stray me from being present in the moment. How often I can focus on the things I don’t like in people (negativity for one, but can’t I sometimes be that way too? hmm, judging others when I am really judging myself – but I digress) instead of staying in the moment and cherishing that precious time.  And, to accept my family where they are, not letting my expectations and fears cloud the beauty that I can find in our relationships. We are different and yet we share this common bond of blood and history that, when I am coming from a place of acceptance, is beautiful. I want to cherish our differences and glory in our sameness, in the connection that I share only with these people – my mother, my grandpa and my grandmother. There are no other people like them in the world. And today, I am so grateful for that.  This speaks such a change in me from prior visits and my gratitude and feelings of love are overflowing.


3 Responses

  1. I absolutely agree that southern NM is wonderful. I have a friend in Alamogordo, and I never cease to be delighted by the beauty of her surroundings. We’ve ranged all over, from City of Rocks to Socorro to White Sands and, of course, down to Las Cruces, and the whole region is remarkably beautiful. (And I must admit, I have a real thing for White Sands.)

    In Las Cruces, if you haven’t visited it yet, Old Mesilla is great fun. And Pepper’s Cafe (shares a building with Double Eagle) offers what I believe is the best chile relleno I’ve ever had.

    Glad to know someone else loves that region.

  2. I know what you mean about Southern NM, something about the place just makes me feel at home. Though I don’t have any memories from the place other than summer vacations, I always feel such peace when looking around. Especially those mountains. Glad to hear that you are having such a wonderful time!

  3. Hi,
    It was interesting to read my daughter’s comments about this area. I am thankful to be here, right now, as I feel that my parents need me.
    My favorite time in the SW is when the rain hits the ground and give an aroma that is indescrible. Wish I could bottle it–I’d wear it as a perfume all the time.
    But I long for more rain, more trees, creeks, rivers, and less city.

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