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The Imp….and SHOES!

Judgment….a devilish little imp that creeps sneakily into my thinking when I am unaware and separates me from love with its viney tendrils that can quickly create a wall of separation -where I separate myself from my true nature of  love of others and love of myself. Creates murky whirlpools in my mind that I can get caught in, and then swirling, I lose my sense of direction and purpose.  I am reminded of my own words to another about how my intense feelings about someone else weren’t really about them, but instead all about me. Hmmm. I love it when I say what I need to hear.  I read a passage this morning that called my attention to the word ‘Namaste’ – “I see and honor the place in you where we are all one”.

That said, yesterday held some exciting moment for me – the biggest I think was that I got Earth Shoes!! I have been wanting these shoes for several years. THey have the ‘negative heel technology’ (doesn’t that sound fancy) that is supposed to correct your posture etc etc. They have great great great arch support (with my high arches I can’t say that about most shoes!) and are incredibly cute  (which matters tremedously) and feel like heaven on the feet. What is it about shoes that has the power to bring such joy. *sigh*

Had a good visit with family yesterday also. And I want to continue to remember throughout the day today about that little imp so I am not ‘caught unaware’ but stay in the present in a place of love for myself and all those around me.

Mom and I did some fun exploring: book store, a great coffee shop call Spirit Winds. Best cap I have had in some time and they had cute cute stuff. And New Bumper stickers for me!! Gotta love it. It was brought to my attention that my bumper sticker that says “Stop Mad Cowboy Disease” might be interpreted incorrectly while I am in cowboy country. I don’t know why the reference to our president isn’t as obvious to others as it is to me, but I think it is a good time to cover it up. FAbUlous new ones. Yay, simple joys.

New day, here I come!


2 Responses

  1. I Googled the Earth Shoe and watched the video on their website. Looks interesting, but I’d want to try a pair on and walk around for a while before I bought them. So how do they feel? Are they as comfy as they look?

  2. I googled the Earth shoe too! 🙂 Which one did you get??

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