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Earth Shoes!

Okay, since I have had a couple comments about my shoes -and don’t we all just love shoes (and if you don’t darn it, then just pretend and maybe you will get in the spirit!) – I thought I would post a note about my fabulous new foot coverings. I bought the Piroutte 2 in Mahogany Butter (doesn’t that sound yummy) AND since they were 50% off – a pair of Vegan shoes that are off white canvas and light brown leather, I think the name is Allure, but not sure. They are both mary janes and so so fabulously cute.

Now for comfort – When I first stepped into them it was like being propelled forward almost. My step felt lighter. Hard to explain. The sales lady warned me not to wear them for more than a few hours a day for the first week or so because she stated it makes you work muscles in ways that you aren’t used to and it can make you sore. Another customer warned me that I would be hurting if I didn’t take the sales lady’s advice. I was also told that once I got really used to them, that no other shoes would feel the same again. Anyhoo – I didn’t listen, and my feet were very very sore by the end of the day, but the soreness was immediately relieved by taking off the shoes. The thing is, I tend to pronate when I walk, (you should see my shoes, I really wear out the outer sides) and these shoes don’t really allow me to do that. I can actually feel the pressure shift on the balls of my feet. Also, I have high arches, and for once these shoes meet my arches, so my arches also felt a little sore. The very first day after I wore them (all day mind you, not the few hours as I was instructed) my lower back hurt. And I thought…’what the crap, I haven’t done anything to hurt my back”. Then I realized that it must be the shoes. But I wore the shoes again that day and the hurt went away.  I definitely feel like I am standing straighter, and that my calf muscles are working when I am wearing them. And my regular shoes don’t feel as good to me now. In yoga there is a pose called Mountain Pose (Tadasana) that is correct posture alignment. Since I tend to stand on the outer aspects of my feet, this posture is sometimes a little difficult for me. With the shoes on, I feel like I am automatically in Tadasana. (oh, the shoes were created by a yoga instructor).

So, as for the comfort question (I love rambling on before I get to a point): when I put them on they feel like a dream. After wearing them for a 8  hours or so, my feet start hurting – on the outer sides and in the arch area. I am hoping this will pass as I break them in, because I really feel that they are doing what the company claims.

Shoes wonderful shoes.


5 Responses

  1. Neat! I think you’ve sold me on them! If only I could wear something other than boots to work!!! 🙂

  2. Here’s another great vegan shoe site to check out as well!

  3. karri – They sell boots too!!! Plus, on another note, as I am breaking them in, they are more and more comfortable. What is funny, is that this morning walking around the house barefoot I felt discomfort in my back – I put the shoes on and voila! back pain disappeared. I think I am beginning to correct my posture!!
    Love it!

  4. I found a very simple, unique and cool shoes over the net a while ago.These are the best! Earth shoes, in general, have worked wonders for my posture and general comfort in getting around. When I bought these, I didn’t really expect to walk far in them, but I have no problem walking a few miles when I wear them. Even then, I am ready to walk more.
    You can give a shot at http://www.mooshoes.com.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I just bought my 3rd (and lovely) pair of earth shoes from Off Broadway last week. What was most exciting is that they were actually $30 cheaper than I have seen them other places. Yay for shoes!!

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