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A Natural Debate?, Poetry and a Prayer

I am continually perplexed by those who still chose to disbelieve in global warming. Perhaps it is because of the name, which at present seems like a misnomer. Climate change might be a better term. Difficult to understand the disbelief, when it is considered by most of the world to be scientific fact and not just a theory. The ice caps are melting. We are experiencing record highs etc. And for those who argue that the earth has always experienced such climate change – that is correct, but it is usually over much longer time spans – say centuries, instead of the decades of change we are experiencing.  But what I don’t understand, is why not conserve energy, why not do what we can to save our forests, our rivers, our wildlife. Even if you don’t believe in global warming, these are still our valuable resources. I am reminded of a dear loved one’s caustic comments about “Al Gore’s global warming” as the cold winter whips outside. And for some reason, as I think of this, a phrase from Frost’s Mending Wall arises in my mind: like an old-stone savage armed. He moves in darkness as it seems to me~ Not of woods only and the shade of trees. Man how I love that poem.

So, this train of thought arose as I was reading my latest book of Poetry: Human Line by Ellen Bass, so here I will share it:

The Big Picture

I try to look at the big picture

The sun, ardent tongue licking us like a mother besotted

   with her new cub, will wear itself out. Everything is transitory

 Think of the meteor   that annihilated the dinosaurs.

And before that, the volcanoes of the Permian period –

all those burnt ferns  

and reptiles, sharks and bony fish –

that was extinction of a scale

 that makes our losses look like a bad day at the slots  

 And perhaps we’re slated to ascend

 to some kind of intelligence that doesn’t need

bodies, or clean water, or even air.

   But I can’t shake my longing

 for the last six hundred Iberian lynx with their tufted ears,  

Brazilian guitarfish, the 4 percent of them still cruising

 the seafloor, eyes starting straight up

   And all the newborn marsupials –

  red kangaroos, joeys the size of honeybees –

steelhead trout, river dolphins,  

so many species of frogs breathing

 through their damp permeable membranes.  

 Today on the bus, a woman in a sweater the exact shade of cardinals,

 and her cardinal-colored bra strap, exposed

  on her pale shoulder,

makes me ache for those bright flashes in the snow.

And polar bears, the cream and amber  

 of their fur, the long,

hollow hairs through which sun slips,

swallowed into their dark skin. When I get home,

  my son has a headache, and though he’s almost grown,

asks me to sing him a song. We lie together on the lumpy couch

  and I warble out the old show tunes, “Night and Day”,…

 “They Can’t Take That Away from Me”…

A cheap silver chain shimmers across his throat  

rising and falling with his pulse. There never was anything else.

Only these excruciatingly insignificant creatures we love.  

On that note, here is a prayer from Marianne Williamson’s book Illuminata:

Dear God,

Please remove from my mind the tendency to judge

Please remove from my mind the tendency to blame.

Please reveal to me, Lord, a way to stand in my power, through love instead of fear, and through peace instead of violence.

May I not hear the voice for anger, but only the voice for love.

And teach me, dear Lord, how not to hate those who hate me.

Transform all darkness into light, dear God

And use my mind as an instrument of Your harmlessness.

I surrender to You my thoughts of violence.

Take these thoughts, Lord, and wash them clean.

Thank you very much.


And on that note – I am going to bed. I just peaked out my window and there is a raging snowstorm outside!! Already everything is white white white!!


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