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Wonders of Life

imgp2883.jpgimgp2881.jpgimgp2892.jpgYesterday was really a great day. It is amazing to me how I can encounter the most profound moments in the most mundane places. The pictures are of Sugarite Canyon State Park and Lake Maloya. I went and visited for the last two days in a row. Sunday I just drove around. Silly me, I was amazed when I saw the lake was frozen! Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me, but imagine my shock when I was expecting a fluid body, but instead encountered ice – replete with ice fishermen!

Yesterday I went hiking. Just beautiful! The area was once a coal mining town, and stone foundations were all that was left of what was reported to have been a bustling town in the early 1900s. The inhabitants now seemed to be mostly deer. I was lucky to see a herd of around 10-15. In the picture of the brush, if you look closely there are about 7-8 deer in the picture. There were other animal tracks and droppings on the trail that I wasn’t familar with, including an enormous patty that I am assuming belonged to an elk just from the sheer size of it (unless of course elephants are loose in Sugarite Canyon!)

Another profound experience occurred yesterday in the laundromat. Not my favorite of places, but you have to do what you have to do. I was waiting on my dryers when a young woman walked in from the dry cleaning portion of the facility. When she saw me, her face lit up and she treated me to a most enthusiastic wave as if I were a treasured friend upon whom she had been awaiting. I smiled at her, and thought to myself “she must be ‘special'”. Then, for a moment, I wished I had waved back at her with equal enthusiam. I thought, maybe she IS special, but not in the manner in which I first judged her. She seemed so full of joy – so glad to see another person – instantly offering warmth and love in her greeting and demeanor. Wouldn’t the world be a better and happier place if we all felt such joy on the meeting of our fellow humans. I will remember this, and I least I can greet others with a smile (although the enthusiastic wave would probably be more fun!)

To work I go!


3 Responses

  1. Sounds beautiful!
    Slogging through the rude city I live in often makes me think of the kindness which you speak. Of small towns where everybody waves when you drive past another car, or if you turn your blinker on someone will let you over. πŸ™‚

  2. Isn’t it a shame that we greet such love and purity with immediate suspision and avoidance? Or automatically assume that anyone displaying it is ” not all there’?

    No wonder the market for anti-depressants is booming. We wouldn’t know happiness if it literally waved and smiled in our face. 😦

    On another note; you live in my very favorite state in the whole world and I’m insanely jealous πŸ™‚

  3. You know the antidepressant problem is one of my ‘soapboxes’. We are just too quick to need an immediate fix instead of processing through our feelings and problems – so much to the fact that we don’t allow that ‘natural’ happiness that you spoke of to come through. Instead we seek after euphoric happiness that we can’t quite keep a handle on, instead of the general happiness that comes when you can find contentment with our world. No wonder drugs are such a problem – oh no, now that is another soapbox…..I better quit while I am ahead.

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