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Tiny life

This has been an interesting, eventful and educational week at work so far. I am on a really long stretch and beginning to feel it. Luckily I have been able to stay in OB instead of floating to the floor or to ER.  On Friday, I was observing a young woman who was 7 weeks early when she suddenly went into full labor and delivered this teeny and tenacious little bundle. Talk about adrenaline, and not the fun kind. She delivered withing 20min of me discovering that she was indeed laboring. So the last two nights have been baby watch, as the infant is too fragile to be out of the nursery and is having a bit of a hard time. Life is so amazing. It takes all his energy to just get a little formula in, and yet he is hanging on. The saddest part for me is that he doesn’t get all the hugs and love (especially from his mom) that he needs because he has to stay under the radiant warmer to keep his temperature up. I have been trying to touch him as much as possible, because I think it helps. It certainly seems to calm him. This is my first experience of this sort, and it is definitely a learning one. I have delivered babies this early and earlier before, but I am used to having a nursery to whisk them off too. But here, I am it.

in other news, this experience of travel nursing is creating life contrast for me – so that I am learning more about what I like and dislike. I like living in the city. I like being this close to the mountains. I dislike small town gossip. I dislike drama. I think that there is generally alot of drama when working in nursing in general (and maybe this is true for all areas) And I am not talking about drama with patients, but rather with and between staff – but it seems to be worse here and is hospital-wide. I am attributing that to the small size of the hospital and of the area. It is really tiring, and hard not to get caught up in it. It seems counter-intuitive to our very nature as nurses. But then, it seems that I see a lot that is counterintuitive to the profession of nursing. Working independently in home health for the past year, I forgot about that. It is hard  as a nurse to be caring, understanding, empathetic etc all the time, but it is part of the job, and I think it is a very vital part of the healing process. However, we forget, I think, to respect the patient’s lived experience and to attempt to understand their lived experience from their perspective instead of putting our own perspectives, judgments and attitudes on it – ah but I am digressing. I will stop before I get all into nursing theory (which I think needs to be a more integral part of nursing). Perhaps that is fodder for another day’s post.


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  1. Hooray for you in helping to take such wonderful care of this tiny new life! I agree that touch is so important in the first hours and days of a little ones life… Just look at how loving my little one is! Another mother wrote that she used the ‘cry to sleep’ method from the beginning, not rocking her child to sleep or holding her much, and that she regrets it because her DD is not affectionate. So hooray’s for you in going out of your way to be so wonderful to someone who can’t thank you but will reap the benefits of your kind acts all of his life!!!

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