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Fear Factor

I have become increasingly aware lately of how fear dominates so many layers of our society. It is so prevalent in the media, in advertising, in stupid fwd emails, and in the ways in which we interact with each other.  This fear message is so pervasive that I wonder how to avoid it (ah…another layer of fear). It is almost at the subconcious level, the messages are often subtle and cloaked in a glamour of what is “good for you”. I hear it in the commericials for cold medicines, cervical cancer vaccination, ad campaigns. I hear it in the kindly meant email forwards about the latest method rapists are using to entrap unsuspecting women. I hear it in the inconsequential daily exchange with co-workers in the juicy gossip about the latest illness or misfortunes of acquaintances or even the bemoaning of self illnesses. I read it in the headlines of disaster, gloom, and misfortune. 

Fear sells, and BE AFRAID! is the order of the day. Well you know what?…I don’t feel like buying today. I feel like being fearless and embracing the world around me. I feel like: standing tall and breathing in the air; like living dangerously and doing things like drinking water from my cupped hands out of a mountain stream; like hiking alone; like NOT getting the Gardisil vaccination; like going outdoors in winter with wet hair; like being friendly to the male passerby on the street. I feel like embracing and loving life. I have developed a habit of saying a counter to myself when I hear the FEAR factor in these numerous layers. I say to myself “I am healthy” “I am safe” “I like my world”. And I find that it helps me to not get swept up in the fear.

I love acronyms:


False Evidence Appearing Real; False Expectations Appearing Real; Forgetting Everything is All Right. 

As FDR sagely said: “the only thing we have to fear is Fear Itself” (my capitalizations)


One Response

  1. False Evididence Appearing Real – I LOVE it!!
    Fear is a debilitating disease. It is the common denominator of all the suffering in the world. All anger and intolerance is based in fear.
    It makes me sick that our culture embraces fear and uses it to enroll people in whatever they’re selling.

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