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I just really don’t understand why there is hate and racism in this world. We are blessed to live and experience diversity in its many forms in this big wide world, and it seems to me that we should cherish our differences for that is what adds the color, texture and vividness to a lived experience that would otherwise be black and white in its sameness. I am blessed to be in a bi-cultural/bi-racial marriage and I am very proud of the fact. As a female, I have experienced discrimination on that level, but really it is a ‘norm’ so entrenched into our society that while its impact is there, it is different than directly experiencing racism because of the color of my skin. As a white human in a white dominated culture, that is something that I have been “privileged” enough not to experience (note an essence of distate here). But today I got a sample of what that hate must feel like to others who experience hate simply because of their race, ethnic background or religion. When I got home from a long nights work there was a ‘hatemail’ nailed to my front door. I felt shocked, hurt, and a little scared. This lovely place suddenly doesn’t feel so safe or good to me. Even though I know who wrote this –  and he appears to be a crazy drunken type person – I still feel that shock, hurt and fear and a whole lot of outrage. My husband is the most wonderful man. He treats me so much better than I ever experienced from the southern “good ole boys” that I had to choose from as a young woman. He respects me, encourages me, honors me and cherishes me.  With him I am a better woman. He is kind, honest, generous and loving, and I do not know a better man. That someone would judge or offer hate to him or me without knowing us and simply based on externals makes me feel sad. Not really for myself, but for those who live in ignorance. And sad that any human should be judged, not based on their actions, but based on external coincidences of birth. And it pisses me off royally. To think that you are somehow ‘better’ just because you were born white in a white country is a delusion of the ignorant – and I feel shame to call myself ‘American’ if this is what it stands for. (that was one of the comments of this hatemonger, that he was “100% American”).

So I am reminded of a line by the White Stripes from ‘Icky Thump’

“Well, Americans:
What, nothin’ better to do?
Why don’t you kick yourself out?
You’re an immigrant too.”


2 Responses

  1. It is truly sad when anyone is the victim of hate. The perpetrator gets a perverse sense of power and that is the one thing you cannot show. You cannot show that this letter has effected you in anyway. Never retaliate because they know they got to you.
    Stay totally calm and draw that protective blanket of love, your husband provides.

    Good luck.

  2. Something must be in the air this week…..


    I don’t understand it either.

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