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World Wellness Weekend


What an amazing weekend! I was so full of information and wonderful thought, that my mind actually shut down at the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, this was while Deepak Chopra was speaking….shucks. But I guess that I heard what I needed to! Such an amazing and uplifting weekend. Marianne Williamson was the best, but I also heard and was moved by speeches by John Gray (Men are from Mars….), Bill Phillips (Body for Life), Vasant Lad (Ayurvedic guru, amazing!) among others. I met so many wonderful people, and there was such an atmosphere of love and common purpose – people wanting to improve their lives and the planet. Truly inspiring, a community of spirit.  The vendors were great too – did fun things like have my pulse read (Ayurvedic science) – which says I am Pitta-Vata type- which I already knew, but fun to have someone tell me that by feeling my pulse. Also had my palm read for fun, and did an ionic foot bath. I was pretty skeptical of the latter, but it was fun, and as my friend said – it felt like standing in your own poop in a large crowd of people and yes, they were all pointing and making facesIonic Detoxing Foot Bath TreatmentYuck! But fun!

Lots of things to think about, and I think that I am still digesting. I definitely feel empowered to continue to make changes in my life for my health and well-being. I want to quote a few lines from Marianne Williamson’s speech:

 “You can either be host to God, or hostage to the Ego”.

“The Spiritual Question is not what I want to do, but who do I want to be? and how can I become the person I know I am capable of?”

and “The only way to transcend racism is to transcend your racist thoughts”.

She also pointed out that the word ‘communication’ contains the word ‘commune’ and therefore to truly communicate with someone we must have communion of the spirit, but that when there is underlying contempt covered with sweet words, communication is blocked because that communion is blocked (all my words/interpretation).

Lastly, I wanted to share about an amazing movie I saw by Michael Franti , “I know I’m Not Alone” and I truly don’t have the words to describe the beauty of this movie. I am thinking about having a showing of it at my house in the next couple of months. In the movie Franti goes to Iraq and talks to soldiers and the Iraqi people. To show the contrast of a country recently affected by war compared to generations of war, Franti also went into Israel and Palestine and spoke with soldiers, families and peacekeepers on both sides. More Americans need to see this kind of film. A film that shows the people of Iraq and Palestine as humans with the same loves and joys and desires and griefs that we have – and yet whose struggles are so profound. One Iraqi woman in the film talked so eloquently about the quandry they experience that the decisions of a few rich people should so profoundly and devastatingly affect so many people – not only the Iraqis, but also the youth of our own nation.  Check out the movies website if you are interested. I have included a link in my blogroll.


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  1. Glad you had a good time! Being stuck in bumf*** Iowa, my oppurtunities to attend stuff like this is limited. One of the very few reasons I miss living in Dallas.
    I’ll just live vicariously through you! 🙂

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