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Back in Nashville

So good to be home! Sorry I have been incommunicado for a bit. I had these intentions of posting pics of my trip into Pueblo, CO before I left NM, but didn’t – and it seems a bit moot now. I spent the last week in NM visiting with family – which was great. Once more to the Albuquerque flea market, once more to the fab salon where I got the best hair cuts of my life, and just generally visiting with family. Was so excited when I met my dear hubby in El Paso after 3 long months of separation. He got to meet my grandparents, which was great. I even got Grandpa to take us on a dusty ride in the old pickup (I cannot begin to express my love for riding with my Grandpa in his old pickup) along the canal.

Long drive home – the portion of the drive through NM was breathtaking. The rest, kinda boring. AR and OK just don’t have much that appeals to me. Plus it was raining. Yes, I was welcomed back home southern style. Today is actually the first day I have been home (out of 6 days) that it hasn’t been overcast and rainy. I miss the sun!! Anyway, I digress. I am so glad to be back home in time for spring. I love the desert and the mountains, but I too love the fresh new green of spring. Verdancy just springing to life, increasing with each day. And the smell of spring in the air is absolutely amazing.

Spring Fever is upon me. I guess maybe part of it is being unused to my current state of unemployment – which though is by choice, still feels very peculiar and a bit scary. I feel as though I must make the most out of this time – all this time that is mine and just mine to do with as I will. So, I have unpacked three months worth of ‘stuff’ and gone through all my closets here and created a yard sale pile. (living in a studio apartment the size of a box makes me realize how very little I really need, and that yes! I am actually happier with LESS!). The yard sale will happen soon. I have also painted the bathroom, am installing a new medicine cabinet and will put in new floors this week. Spring green is the color! Today I dug up all my bulbs, and started the relocation process. I have created a plan for my front yard and plan to do some major landscaping (hope I haven’t bit off more than I can chew!!!). Have other projects I want to complete as well, but we will see.

Today Ugur and I went briefly to a Newroz celebration. Nashville has a very large Kurdish population, and this was my first opportunity to see this much acclaimed celebration. Newroz, as I understand it, it a Kurdish celebration of a “new year” that marks the new life that arose after the overthrow of a despotic tyrant king. It also coincides with Spring Equinox, also a time of renewal. We got there a bit late, and didn’t stay long but it was beautiful. Kurdish colors of red yellow and green were everywhere. Music and dancing. Camaraderie and kinship. The women were like kaleidoscopes, rainbows of brilliant beautiful color – reds, yellows, blues, oranges, pinks. Flowers of indescribable radiance. If you have never seen the traditional dress of a Kurdish woman, you are truly missing out. They are unlike anything I have ever seen – toille and sequins and satin. Truly stunning.

Enough rambling for now. Now that my muse has returned, I am sure I will have more to say and ramble about in the near future. 

okay, so pardon the spelling errors….toolbar has changed and I can’t…find….spellcheck!!! Too tired to check manually…out


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