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Power to the Peaceful

I sit on my front porch swing…rocking in silence with the noise of spring all around me. Birds chirping, children playing in neighboring yards, the faint sound of cars in the distance. The air is redolent with the fresh green scent of spring and the damp earth from this morning’s rain. The sun is setting and I can barely see the remnants of its orange majesty disappearing through the trees. I feel at peace, and that all is alright with my world. I know that this is not the case for all humans in all places, and that many suffer and do not have the leisure to rock on their front porch as I now do. And yet, this does not detract from the power of this moment, the sense of peace that I feel that I will carry with me tomorrow and the next day. Perhaps it will lessen some potential future strife in my own life and in the lives of those around me. This one moment of peace that I have taken into my soul and that I hope will radiate out from me in a ripple like effect.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Power to the Peaceful. They aren’t my words, I am borrowing them from Michael Franti. These words adorn the rear of my car ( I do love bumper stickers). I was discussing these words in brief with a person who is very beloved to me and he said “isn’t that a bit idealistic?”. I do not wish to disparage his words, and I DO wish to thank him for getting me thinking. Yes. Yes it is a bit idealistic. And wouldn’t it be great if more people held such ideals and acted on them. Think how wonderful it would be if more people felt empowered by peace. Take the moment of peace that I shared above. What if I share that sense of peace, that desire for peace, the ideal of peace with just one other person, and that person shared it with one more, and that person with one more……and it goes on. And soon we have a whole group of people who desire peace. who seek peaceful solutions. who are empowered by peace. And that group shares that message and feeling of empowerment and the peace grows. I think this is already happening all over the world. Yes, maybe the opposite of peace is what is prevalent right now, but I do believe that one person who believes in the power of peace can make a difference. A difference in his or her own life that affects the lives of others, who affect others….and it goes on.

The 44th verse of the Tao Te Ching speaks of the hard always making way before the soft as water slowly chisels stone. I want to be soft like water.  So YES I say: POWER TO THE PEACEFUL.


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