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Back in the Work Force and Biting off More Than One Can Chew

I have been MIA, its true. Just so much to do during the final days of my time being unemployed. I make it sound sooo dramatic don’t I? That’s me!

SO, I am officially 3 days back into the workforce. I feel glad – but mostly because I now desparately need money to pay bills. Bah humbug! I went back to a previous job of 6 years – but will be working prn until I find my true calling…..okay that would be a little more drama. However I am looking into options that will allow me to use my masters, that will broaden my horizons, and that I will like. Maybe a big order, but hopefully not. I have my fingers crossed for a nursing faculty position at a local community college.  The interview was a BIG DEAL for me, as i have never done anything quite like that before – but I enjoyed the challenge, and actually enjoyed the interview. So I am hopeful.

But it felt kinda funny – funny and good – to go back to the old job. There were so many faces that were glad to see me and welcomed me back with genuine enthusiam. It made me feel good. There may be downsides too, but for now I will focus on the present and what is good about having the job – like some degree of financial security!, and the ease of stepping into an old position and not having the stress of learning a new job. So I have some gratitude.

Now, as for biting off more than one can chew…..I decided to do quite a few projects during my time off – which didn’t really completely come to fruition, but I am getting there. Hubby says the lawn project might be finished by 2019. haha, bah humbug once again. You see, I decided to till up my front lawn and cover it with mulch. I also have grand visions of a water fountain, arbor covered in clemetis, stone walkways and a stoned seating area. But for now I have mulch. Thank goodness for hubby! I had no idea how much work it would be to till, cover with newspaper and then cover with mulch my sizeable front lawn. I think I tend to have a grander view of the end product and a not always so realistic view of the work entailed. Which is probably all for the best, as otherwise I probably wouldn’t have started the project. Okay, so to give me some credit, I did downscale my original grandiose landscaping ideas, which included similar visions (but with a berry garden) for the side yard.

Sooo, I hope to have pictures soon. Well, at least I hope before the year 2019.


3 Responses

  1. I just realized I said “stoned seating area”. Hahaha, too funny to edit, I just had to leave it.

    And no, I am not into recreational drugs.

  2. I applaud you starting the projects! You’ll get them finished, and maybe this way you won’t be rushed and will have the time to finish them the way you want. I read a great quote today: “Perfection is temporary. ‘Good Enough’ lasts longer.” How true!!

  3. Thanks Karri! I like…Progress not Perfection…, thats a good one too!

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