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Audition today

Today I am auditioning for the graduate speaker at my graduation on June 28th. I finished classes on my MSN last December, but I have not felt a sense of completion, or even a sense of accomplishment. I do need something to give me closure, which sounds like a bad thing, but what i mean is that I need to mark my accomplishment. So I decided to do the ceremony, which will be at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. So there must be quite a few graduates. Anyhoo, I got an email a few weeks ago telling me that UOP chooses a few people, graduate and undergraduate, to write and then audition to speak at graduation. I didn’t feel real gungho about it initially, but I thought I would at least try – I mean, no regrets, right. I haven’t given a speech before, so I struggled a bit. I was most fortunate to get some direction and motivation from a great woman I work with, and I myself think that my speech is pretty snappy. Now to make snappy its presentation…… 


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  1. Good luck! I think you would make a great speaker!

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