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Lioness Protecting Her Turf….Grrr

Thats how I felt yesterday when I saw a man running across my yard with a newly cut piece of firewood in each hand. “HEY!!! STAY OUT OF MY YARD!!!” and “IF YOU NEED SOMETHING ASK!!!” erupted from my mouth as I ran to the back yard. I was surprised at the ferocity I felt.

Our back yard is about a half acre, and last weekend we, with the help of my dear father, did some clean up of the trees bordering the yard. This created quite a substantial pile of chopped wood, that I intend to sell or to give to a needy party (just don’t know any needy people who burn wood). Our back yard is adjacent to a church and a grassy area where men come to play soccer several times a week. We have not had issue with them hopping the fence and coming into our yard to collect a mis-kicked soccer ball. And although the noise is often annoying (the group that is most often playing now are African immigrants of some sort and they really are vocal, more so than the Spanish group that used to play there all the time), they haven’t really been any trouble.

Until last week, when my husband saw two men urinating facing our yard. Not good. And of course the incident last night.

All this was to talk about my own ferocity last night. I was angry. And I released it in the moment and let it go. But what I felt more than anger was Protectiveness. Protecting myself and my space from unwanted intruders. My husband asked “What happened to all that stuff you are always reading about giving and so forth”. Hmmm. What did happen. I have been doing a lot of reading about the importance of love, creating peaceful environments etc. I think that for the most part I do practice that in my life. But this felt so different. ‘Was it wrong?’, I ask myself. Should I have attempted a more peaceful solution, maybe going over and talking to the guys  – who were probably just using the wood to create their goal for soccer. Maybe, but my reaction was instinctual and automatic, and the sense of Protectiveness very strong.

I certainly have some thinking to do.


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  1. I think that protectiveness is perfectly fine, and so is what you did/felt. If they had asked, I’m sure you would have given them what they stole, had they asked. Having it taken is totally different, and having them intrude on your property to boot. Just my thought on the matter. 🙂

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