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Scoot! Scoot!

Yes! This will soon be mine. I have forgot to mention the very exciting news that I will soon be the proud co-owner of a scooter. Gas savings here we come! It should be arriving this week, and I am most excited. Suddenly I am seeing scooters everywhere – which makes sense in the gasoline economy that we are currently experiencing.

Yesterday I went over to a friend’s house, who also bought a scooter. Okay, so I was too chicken to give hers a ride – but I am attributing it to the fact that I didn’t want to crash and ding her new scooter (that would not be good) AND that it is a clutch and mine will be automatic – so what is the sense learning a clutch and getting myself all confused.

This visit has however, made me aware that it might be a little more challenging riding a scooter than I previously imagined. I had not quite equated scooter with motorcycle. Hmm, but now I am seeing that they really and truly aren’t that different. Not really any difference in size in mine and some of the 250 motorcycles. YIKES! What have I gotten into! But I will prevail! I am Woman! Hear me ROAR!….. or rather, hear me put put along on my new scooter! Vroom Vroom!

The only thing that could make it better is if it were electric.


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  1. How are you enjoying the new scooter? Vroooom! Hope you are doing great with it! Watch out for minivans!!!!!

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