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Insight and Scooter Update

Okay, so when it rains it pours….or in this case, when the blogging begins…

Feast or famine you know. Hey, you gotta grab literary inspiration when it hits you.

So, While I don’t go in for All of the astrology stuff (i.e the horoscopes in the newspapers) I have consistently found the deeper astrological stuff – like looking at phases of the moon and relating to…etc etc, well I don’t really understand it myself so I won’t try to explain. I always find that I relate to stuff about Virgos (still not talking about newspaper horoscopes, just to be clear).

Hah, and here is more insight about me:

“…under the sign of Virgo. They have fine intellects and a keen attention to detail. Everyone knows the stereotype of Virgos as neat freaks, but, as my former astrology teacher Eileen McCabe taught me, they can also be total slobs. Why? They just give up and surrender to chaos if they can’t achieve perfection”. http://astrologymundo.wordpress.com/2008/08/29/new-moon-in-virgo-august-30/ 

Hah again! So that explains it! You know, my penchant for vascillating between neatness and chaos.


Nuff said about that – for a most frustrating update on the scooter. It is great, rides great. I just haven’t really had a chance to get comfortable on it. Riding it only on the weekends with life as busy as it has been, just isn’t enough. So, every time I get on it, it is almost like the first time again. Last weekend I rode it for much longer, and was feeling a lot better about increasing my riding to being maybe in a little traffic. And then a week goes by, and I feel a little nervous again. Darn it.

Then, this morning when I went out to take it for its weekly ride (hmm, it needs a name doesn’t it…), I find that it doesn’t want to stay started. It starts, but then putters out. Dang it again. Wondering if something happened when dear hubby took it for a ride last week. There was an incident, because he came back with a sprained wrist – but it still drove fine after that. Drat. and Double Drat.

I will conquer this machine…. Okay, too aggressive. I will befriend 🙂 this machine, and we will spend leisurely time together confidently in Nashville traffic. One day.


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