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Out of Control

Happy Labor Day! I have spent the day thus far laboring in the kitchen. And I am out of control.

Hi, My name is Jennifer, and I am out of control in the kitchen.

Yesterday I went to a Kurdish friends house to learn how to make sarma and dolmas . They are absolutely the most wonderful creations: grape leaves, cabbage (my faves), eggplant, tomatos, peppers, onions – you name it – stuffed with a very tasty rice mixture that is in a homemade sauce. Yum.  She made the majority of things ready for me, and with her daughter there to do much translating (her English isn’t the best and my Kurdish is very near nil), we set to it with a vengeance. Very exciting stuff. At the same time, she also had multiple other dishes going, and I observed, picked up hints, made mental notes. By the time a gang of people had arrived to sit down to a traditional Kurdish meal, she had 5-6 major dishes on the table (or tablecloth on the floor rather, – the traditional Kurdish way to eat). Wow.  I am so amazed by her cooking. She measures nothing – you see her throwing in a pinch of this, a smattering of that. All looking very random, but with such mouthwatering results. I wondered if I could ever ever cook that good.

So I figured that if I was going to retain anything, I had better get started and make my first batch of dolmas today. Mind you, there is a lengthy process that occurs before the dolmas are stuffed. The lamb is cooked down, sauce is made, cabbage and grape leaves boiled. So while I am doing these things, I think, hey ‘I could do what she did yesterday and have food to freeze and eat all week!!” Might as well right? I mean I was going to be hours  at cooking – I might as well…….and then I went out of control. To give you an idea, here is what is cooking/has cooked as of yet:

Blueberry jam (realized I needed to cook up the berries I hadn’t frozen from when I went picking several weeks ago – this is what happens when I get out of control.)

Chicken and lamb at the bottom of the pot of dolmas.

cabbage, grape leaf and eggplant dolmas

chicken and potatos in a tasty sauce

lamb and vegetables (a mucver type of thing in a tomato sauce)

bulgur – ran out of rice – still have cabbage, must stuff more.

Green bean and Okra soup (with lamb stock of course).

I think I forgot that I am not and will not be serving a hoarde any time soon. I guess really I just wanted to prove I could do it. So now I have done my cooking….probably be a long time before this happens again. Feast or famine you know.

Oh, and in case you are curious about the scooter situation. I must have flooded it yesterday or something, because when I went to show dear hubby what was wrong, it worked just fine. Yay!


3 Responses

  1. Well, at least you will have yummy food to eat for a while? How did it turn out? The dishes look fantastic!

  2. All week I hope! It ALL turned out really great. The soup I need to freeze – as I made too big a batch, and its been too hot for soup anyway. Wish I could send you a bite!

  3. Me too! Thanks to Gustav it is perfect soup weather! We’ve been munching on a batch of homemade chili instead. Glad to hear it turned out yummy! I’ll have to tell you my adventures in bread-making sometime….

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