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  • Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.
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Walking in the Woods

Yesterday I went for a two hour walk at Radnor lake. The very best way to re-energize my soul is to get out in nature, and I am so grateful for the availability of this natural reserve so close to my home. I don’t take advantage of it often enough. Yesterday I decided to walk “Granier Ridge”, which I was relieved to see after I was done walking is marked “difficult” on the map – because I was really puffing and heart thumping at several points. But as I walked, and observed others walking I noticed a pattern, in myself and others. Many seemed focused on their walking, and I noticed few people stopping to look about, or walking slow enough to observe the wonders around them. LIke the two deer I noticed nuzzling each other just through the trees. Or the amazing black and yellow spider whose web looked like it had a zipper down the middle. Or the amazing lichen and many shades and textures of moss on the top of the ridge. (I couldn’t resist touching each one, their textures are so amazing). Look around!, I wanted to tell my  fellow travellers – BE HERE!, and see what amazing things this wood holds. Yet, I too found myself at times very focused on the path immediately before me, looking out for rocks, roots, bumps and holes that might snag my feet and send me sprawling. I had to remind myself to “be present” at times – to look at the brillant blue sky peeking through the trees, to observe that majestic fallen tree, and the lightening burn patterns on its trunk. Yet I also had to remind myself to look at the way in front of me, to watch out for that gnarl of roots reaching out for my feet. What a life lesson. To get the most out of life, I must look ahead and around me – to experience all that life has before me. At the same time, I must also look directly to the path in front of my and scan for pitfalls and bumps in the ‘road’ of life, so that I can keep myself from falling on my face. To fully be and experience the fullness of life, I have to find a balance between the two: looking ahead and looking down.

Whimsical thought for the day… now I am late to work…must look to the ground!


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  1. Funny, I found your site after I’d titled my blog about looking around. Here’s my bit. Nice write up.

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