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Mud-Slinging Politics

I was going to respond to a great comment on the dirty politics of the campaigning this year, but decided instead to just post it here.

You know I don’t really think that the dirt-slinging has gotten any worse. I am perhaps just more sickened by it. I refuse to view a candidate (either candidate for that matter) through the negative filter of their opposition. It just doesn’t make good sense to me. All that the negative politics really does for me is reduce my opinion of the person spouting the negativity. This is one of my big issues (albeit a small one in the face of everything else) with Sarah Palin. She was slinging mud from the word go.  Its like they are trying to prove who can be a bigger jerk.

I really wonder if the negative politics are just an expected thing in our society today. I mean, I have yet to hear that anyone really likes the dirty politics, yet there is something in our society that craves the sensation, the gossip, getting the ‘dirt’ on someone else. Its like a big nation wide effort to sneer at someone else, to glory in their inadequacies as if some how smearing someone else’s name with mud makes us feel better about our own inadequacies or shortcomings. Yeah, well I have had it up to here (pointing over my head) with all of it. This is high school stuff people. Yet apparently it isn’t. Ugh, makes me feel a little slimed, the way some of those crazy reality shows where everybody is catfighting and the drama is so thick it is a wonder anyone can breath. Lets Talk About Some REAL Issues People!!! That is what I want to hear about – how either candidate will help to make America a better place to live in than it has been for the past 8 years.


2 Responses

  1. I’m running an astrology blog on wordpress detailing the market crisis with charts and interpretation as well as charts on the election, candidates and world events. I wonder if you might won’t to exchange links. My blog is: http://astrologyandpsychicpredictions.wordpress.com

  2. It’s the same with celebrities. Why do you think those magazines you’re forced to glance at in your local supermarket make so much money. The “gutter population” of the famous gives us something to turn up our noses at and say to ourselves, “at least we’re not like them.” In my opinion, the political candidate who attempts to sully his or her opponent’s reputation and the movie star who gets caught cheating on his or her spouse are in the same boat: they are the “fallen heroes” of America (even if we won’t admit it out loud) because they give the mass population a boost of moral integrity, the feeling that, “If the rich, famous, and politically influential can sink to so low of a level, hey, I must be in the clear.”

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