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Political Issue #1

I am really excited about watching the debate between Biden and Palin tonight…ought to be very interesting. I am especially excited that Obama and McCain are going to be in Nashille next Tues…just wish I could be there personally. I know there are some debate parties in town, I will have to think about how I want to watch – with others, or in the company of my own self at home.

I have been thinking/reading alot lately about the state of the economy (haven’t we all?) and what McCain/Obama propose to get us out of the mess that we are in. Understanding economical matters is NOT my strong point, but some very basic stuff  I do understand and here they are:

Obama’s plan for the economy not only includes significant tax cuts for middle class folks like myself, but it also includes increase in taxes to folks who can afford it (wealthy and big businsess) as well as cutting out tax breaks for companies that send industry that we need here overseas. It also includes a $50 billion “Jumpstart the economy” of which $25 million would go directly to a State Growth Fund to prevent state and local cuts in health, education, and other areas. This is much needed, and impacts me and all of the people I know. Now that I am working for a state college, I am seeing things that don’t make sense. For example, we have a booming nursing program. The waiting list is long and seats are very limited. If we expanded our nursing program (which means funds for more space, hiring more teachers, more supplies etc) we could expand opportunities for students as well as increasing revenue for the state. Yet over $10,000 of our funds intended to support our current program were cut this year. It doesn’t make good sense to me.

McCain’s plan seems very vague to me. He talks about what he “believes” and things that “should” happen, but very there is very little in the way of concrete promises. Maybe this is realism? or maybe he has his own agenda and is good at twisting words without making any real promises? His website is full of statements like: “Americans will have a stronger economy, a stronger dollar and greater purchasing power for oil, gas and food.” Hmmm., but I am not seeing exactly how he plans to do that. He does talk about reforming government spending (e.g. cutting out earmarks – but what about the earmarks that go to worthy and needful causes?), and using this money to reduce the deficit, but I have yet to read anything about how he will specifically help middle-class folks with the issues that I mentioned above. Yes, he does plan a “summer gas tax cut” that will help put a little money back into pockets, but is that enough?

This is such a broad area, too much for me to get into right now (must go to work). More to come soon, specifically I want to talk about this issue:  Health care and the fact that healthcare costs have risen four times faster than wages over the past six years.


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  1. Hello.

    I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

    thank you.

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