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So much to talk about

…so little time.

I went to a wonderful retreat this weekend, that I would love to talk about as well as multiple other things that are happening in my life right now, but the time for that just isn’t working out. So for now, I will say a short blurb about last night’s debate.

It was quite exciting to me to have the presidential debate here in my town – Nashville, TN. The city was really getting geared up days in advance, and most people seemed to be excited about it. There were multiple debate parties and events in town, but after much thought, I decided that the best place to watch the debate was on my couch with my dear hubby.

These things can get really frustrating really fast. I really admire Obama. For the most part, he spoke clearly, answered the questions and seemed very knowledgeable on the issues at hand. I was most impressed with his answer to the question on health care. Here is a man who has done his homework and knows what it is all about. He addressed key issues, that as a nurse I see are problems right now. He has a clear plan that I think will work. Getting medical records fully in electronic format is a biggie. I thought it was quite funny when McCain’s responded with “getting medical records online”. Okay, so this shows just how much the man doesn’t know…either that or he believes we should put our medical records on the internet – where any and all could have free access to them? Hmmm.

What really frustrated me about McCain’s response (well, and scared me too) was that he never seemed to  answer the questions directly. He talked just enough about the issue to make you think that MAYBE he answered the question, but really he didn’t. He kept saying “I know how to do it” in regards to multiple issues, but he didn’t elaborate on the details of how he was going to do anything. This includes his new plan of buying people’s home mortgages. He said he had a plan, but he sure didn’t tell us what it was. Maybe he thinks that we should just trust that he “knows” best and has all the answers and solutions. Egad!  Case in point was his answer re: social security. He said that the solution was “easy” and he “knows how to do it” and waxed a bit on this ease and his “know”ing, but I never heard HOW it was easy (he said that “we all know” that it is easy, but maybe I am just out of the loop because I don’t know), and I never heard what he planned to do. Despite his claims that he has “gone against” administration so much, he speech reminded me a lot of similar promises of our current president, promises that seemed to have substance, but turned out to be just dry fluff and air. 

So, not only am I actively supporting Obama, but I am praying that he does win the election. Who knows what John McCain will do if he is elected. He either isn’t very sure himself, or he isn’t laying all his cards on the table.

ah me…back to work


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