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I feel sick unto death of politics. So much for my high hopes of writing lots about the issues. I have just decided that it is enough to know myself, and to just take a break from it for a bit. I have been watching more news, reading more news and listening to more news radio than ever before in my life, and I have decided that it makes me sick. I mean, all this dancing around the issues to take jabs and personally slur their opponents by the candidates just is sickening to me , and that is the focus of the news. That, and of course, the economic crisis – which also gets in my head and I get fearful and worried instead of living the way I want to. So enough with that rubbish. I think what is really scary to me is that enough people will actually listen to McCain and Palin’s inaccurate and downright untrue slandering of Obama so that they will actually win the election. (I mean, good golly, really calling your opponent a terrorist? To me that crosses way too many lines!!!) That McCain could win scares me silly, because a McCain/Palin administration will mean more economic hardship, more war (and who knows where they would strike first, Iran, Russia, WW III??), not to mention that if something isn’t done for higher education (and McCain has no real plans there that are helpful) I may just be out of a job, or looking at making LESS money as a teacher…which means not being able to pay bills. Yikes!

I mean, Obama has made his slurs against McCain too. Primarily it has been in defending himself. But come on, I NEVER hear McCain talk seriously about the issues. He skirts around them, offers platitudes and circular thinking, tells us he “knows what to do”, tells us he is going to help the middle class, and yet NEVER tells us just exactly how he is going to do that. Prior to the last debate and his last few speeches, McCain was a man I admired. I mean, I didn’t agree with his politics, but as a man, I admired him. Well, “my friends” (gimme a break), he has blown that right out of the water. Now, I am really more inclined to think that he is a racist lying pig. Listen to David Letterman talk about the man he knew and that something must have happened to him, because the way McCain is acting now does not line up with the honorable man that he was. Phew….I am getting riled up again.

So, all that was to say, that I think in all of my concentration on politics, I have forgotten my primary aim, which is a spiritual aim, and has to do with me feeling good about myself and my world. It is really hard to do that when you spend a great deal of time watching, listening, reading the news and following the campaign. I lose sight of what is important to me and overwhelmed by things that are beyond my control. Now this is not to say that I don’t want to continue to stay current. I do, and I will. But I think that drastically reducing the time I am plugged into the news and increasing the time that I am plugged into the things that bring serenity to my life is what is in order. I mean, I know who I am going to vote for, and I feel solid in knowing that Obama is a candidate who cares about what I care about. I mean, it is all very well laid out on his website and in his detailed plans (entire pdf files if anyone is interested in reading) on the economy, and healthcare etc. So I am going to take a step back. I am going to stop paying so much attention and getting so riled up about the crazy stuff McCain and Palin are spewing (ugh, listening to Palin and her manipulative way of speaking about nothing and lying but making you think that maybe she said something of merit makes me sick sick sick).

I am going to start paying attention to the things in life that are good. Life really is wonderful. I mean, sure, we don’t have as much financial freedom as we have had in the past, but we ARE blessed with abundance. We have roofs over our heads, and food to put in our mouths, and our bills do get paid. We get to enjoy each other (speaking of my hubby and I) and spend time together and then go and spend time with other wonderful people in our lives that we care about. We get to enjoy this beautiful weather, and soak in the fall air and listen to the birds singing their happy industrious fall songs. That is what I want to focus on today. Phew, I feel lighter already.


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