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Religulous – great movie…and thoughts on religion

Just have to say a quick blurb about the movie Religulous, which I watched last night. It really was a great and fun movie. Now, Bill Maher obviously has his own agenda (just as religious institutions do) and it was carefully edited – but it was hilarious! Well, funny up to the very end when he ended with a serious note – I won’t ruin it for you!

He made a really great analogy about the Bible and fairy tales. We are taught that the events in the Bible are “fact”, including such mythological type stories as Jonah and the Whale, which was his big example. What if Jack and the Beanstalk were taught to us as a Bible Story? Would we believe that to be fact too? It does amaze me how our society (and previous ones I am sure) can hold so rigidly to these beliefs and stories that are so before our time – and much not relevant to our time. Yet we view the beliefs of prior ages and societies (e.g. Greek “Mythology”) as myth and legend and not even to be in the same category as “our” precious religions of today.

Another interesting point he made was about the “monotheistic” nature of Christianity; you know the ole “thou shalt not have no other gods…blah blah”. Hmm, but yet is Christianity truly monotheistic? We have God, and then his son Jesus (also God), and then the Holy Ghost (also God)….not to mention the Virgin Mary (very deity like) and in Catholicism, there are the many many saints – that to me, very closely resemble the Bodhisattva’s of another religion, Hinduism – with its plurality of Gods that are actually all part of the one God spirit, but I digress.

The point of all of that is that there are an awful lot of inconsistencies in Christianity…inconsistencies that I myself as a child in religion questioned and disbelieved from a very early age. But I was “supposed” to believe, was “bad” and “going to hell” if I didn’t believe, and there the brainwashing begins. Luckily I think for me, because my mother had a lot of questions and did a lot of spiritual searching (not to say that she “found” anything but digressing again), it gave me the freedom to question and to say this doesn’t add up, this doesn’t fit. God is going to burn me up in hell in a fiery wrath if I don’t behave and yet “Jesus loves me for a sunbeam?”. I mean, really.

Not to say that I don’t have a very deep spiritual conviction. I do. But it is not religion, and certainly not related to that double-faced God I grew up with who loved me one minute and was going to burn me in hell the next. And who was also going to burn all my friends up in hell because I grew up Mormon in a Baptist/Church of Christ  kind of small town. (I guess that evened itself out, because of course all my friends thought i was the one going to hell…I mean really – they just had no idea….)

So, on that note, off I go to my monthly book club meeting where we are reading an account of a Baptist preacher who died, went to heaven, and came back to spread the word and save people. (We have a sort of democractic choice in this bookclub you see). It will be an interesting book for me to critique and to hear the critiques of others.


3 Responses

  1. Darling Daughter,
    Oh, but I did find something. I found God everywhere. In my Catholic upbringing, I was taught that, but I didn’t understand. To rephase a Bible quote, ” I live and move, breathe, and have my being in God’s love–in ever present Beingness.
    You help to bring up alot of that searching, as by the age of two, you were telling me something that I felt wnet growing up–that we have no beginning or end. We don’t have to “become,” spiritual, because we already ARE.
    Love you lots

  2. I am so glad to see that you are reading Mom! Thank you for clarifying (I certainly didn’t want to speak for you there), and I really love what you wrote.
    And, if I have never said so, Thank you for teaching me that it is okay to doubt, to ask questions, and to trust in my intuition!
    I love you lots too!

  3. I agree about the fairytale part. I’ve always thought that and used to compare it to the Greek Mythology I love so much.I have a hard time swallowing that whole love/hate thing of God too, and just don’t believe that a god that could love me so much would also want me to be tortured for eternity. Give me a break, I mean does he have split personality disorder or what?
    I’m still searching.
    Love you!

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