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School is in session

Well actually, not for students. Alas, for myself, school/work is back in swing. I am not quite sure what happened. I have had lots of things to say over the last few weeks, and certainly have had time to say these things, but the time spun away from me and the hustle and bustle of another semester has begun again. Yesterday was spent helping students to register. I am recognizing a few basic types and I wonder which of these types I was as a student (which probably changed from year to year). There is the excited gung-ho type. So nervous about college and excited to get started. Some of these may be fresh out of high school, yet others are coming back after years in the working world. Then there are the blaise, couldn’t care less type. They want one class, or two, maybe more, as long as they don’t interfere with you know important stuff like partying on the weekends. Another type is the goal oriented tortured type. They just want to take as many classes as they can to get it over with. School seems to be a chore and classes a means to an end – so not much interest in any actual learning.

I was thinking this morning how much fun it would be to just be a student studying whatever I want. I think I would like to study ancient religions, english literature, and philosophy. Some anthropology too.


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