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Eyebrow disaster

It was bound to happen at some point right? (this is where you nod your head and make sympathetic noises). I mean, most women probably experience this at some point – I have just been lucky (or maybe I have just been smart and for the most part left my eyebrows up to the professionals). Little too much wax here, overzealous tweezing there. But not me you know.
But now, my time has come. People with freaky eybrows have in the past, and I am sure will continue to in the future, freak me out. I mean I can’t stop looking at the eyebrows. Now, I am the girl with the freaky eyebrows. WhatemI gonna do?
I used to have my eyebrows waxed professionally, but in the light of rising costs and decreased expenses, I have lived with the bushy brows for some time now. I DO.NOT. pluck. It makes me feel a little crazy, and it hurts like hell. I do use a depilatory for between the eyes so they don’t grow together, but that’s it.
This morning I thought. Hmm…lets just try a little more of this stuff here…here…and here and see if we can shape these babies up!! Woohoo!
Oh dear mother of God, what I have I done. I know have one eyebrow that looks decent and then the other is really merely a speck, a tiny inchworm situated in the middle of where my eyebrow is supposed to be. Aghh! What do I do? I tried a little pencil. Now that really looks freakish.

So I am forced to part my hair to the opposite site it is accustomed to, drape this hair over my eye and pray for speedy hair regrowth.

In the meantime, if you see me and notice my hair looks a little diffferent, or God forbid, notice the mini-brow….dont. say. a. word..


4 Responses

  1. oh bless it! it has happened to all of us…for sure. what color was the brow pencil you tried? i have had great success with the maybelline brow pencil in blonde, which seems counterintuitive since my eyebrows are quite dark, but nevertheless. a makeup artist told me about it, and i have been a fan ever since. plus, it is SUPER cheap 🙂

    • Of course it was dark brown…and not a brow pencil because I don’t own one…was an eyeliner. I KNOW!…silly wabbit 🙂

  2. I will totally keep my comments on your eyebrows to myself.

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