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Is time really necessary?

Today, I got up excited about being mid-week. I have been gloriously hermit-like since Monday and was feeling like two days in, (in, unwashed, and generally just doing my own thing) was enough. No phone (although I have been on facebook) no personal contact with the world outside my kitties and my husband. I have watched the birds in my front yard, played with my kitties, worked in the yard, played in the yard with hubby, stay up late and slept in late and generally just had a grand time with myself. I remarked to my husband last night that the past two days felt really more like a week of days, that I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated. ahh. This morning, I felt ready to do things in the world again and planned out my day to attend my Wednesday meeting. Luckily I went to the library first, and  to my perplexity discovered it was closed. It clearly stated that Wed hours were 9:30 to whatever, so I pulled on the door again in confusion. Some kindly gentleman came up and helped me read the door hours and said “see there, on Thursdays they don’t open until noon”. I spent some time feeling very confused about this…surely I didn’t really miss a whole DAY! There must be a mistake…the library is doing inventory or some such and that is why they opened late today. So I went to the gym, confident in this knowledge and then returned to the library (after 12 mind you) and asked the woman at the counter defiantly “Is today Wednesday or Thursday?”

Of course you know the answer by now. Today is Thursday. Suddenly I feel behind…so much I should do, should have done…a whole day lost, wasted, mispent…missed opportunities…how can I catch up. I twirled in that confusion for about an hour or so until I finally reached some acceptance of the reality of the situation. I felt perfectly fine with my week when I thought today was Wednesday. I felt satisfied and content. I didn’t truly “lose” any time, and I got just as much done, my satisfaction in my period of rejuvenation should not be diminished just because I have labeled the time I spent in hours and days.

If we didn’t place so much importance in  keeping up the days and hours and time time time, I wonder if we (as a society and me personally) would be happier and more productive. Who knows…I might just become a hermit.


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