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Releasing the old

This is something that is very often difficult for me to do. I tend to cling, hang on for dear life, or otherwise just stick things in the closet (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) in case I need to pull them out and stew over them..ahem, I mean use them in the futre. It is one of the reasons why I have had long hair for so long. Hanging on to old ideas and what is comfortable. My dad always said when I was growing up that “little girls have long pretty hair”. He would usually get mad whenever we got our hair cut, because invariabley it would be too short for him (even though it was still long). I have carried that maxim with me into adulthood. Now I like long hair. I love it actually. On myself  and on other people. But it was getting old and tired. Too long, too flat. I have had some cute dos, but they generally are the same do a little different way.  There is, after all, only so much you can do with long fine hair. I have been gearing up for getting my hair cut shorter for about a year, but seriously for the last six months. Okay, yes, sometimes I am resistant to change. I really need to experience the process of getting ready for a major change, especially in an area that is important to me…like my hair. So i have been talking about it, admiring cute short hair and imagining life without long hair for eons now.

So, since I couldn’t make a decision firmly, I just decided NOT to get my hair cut. For six months. Ugh. I even made two appointments over the last few months and canceled them. Indecisive. But finally, yesterday I did it. I really cut my hair. And it is short. Okay, well maybe medium length, but short for me. It barely grazes my shoulders when wet. It looks fantabulous too (thank you so much Natalie at Fruition…you rock!!). I haven’t even agonized over it. It feels so light and so free in more ways that one. This is very symbolic for me. Not just releasing hair, but releasing old patterns and thought processes that are no longer serving me. I watched the foot-long (well at least 10 inches) hanks of hair fall to the floor yesterday and it felt really good. Damn good. I loved that hair, but it was time to let it go and time to make room for the new.

Maybe next time I will even get highlights (I have been thinking about that one for almost 2 years now).

On another note this morning I saw the momma wren in my birdhouse feed a little bug to the gaping maw of a cutsey tootsey little baby wren. happy joy.


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  1. ooooh i can’t wait to see your hair! yay for fruition hair cuts! and for caffeine buzzes from iced coffee!!

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