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Neuroses of the Cat

img308I finally have confirmation that cats take after their owners (i.e. my cats take after my hubby and myself). I have suspected it for some time. Beyaze (my boy kitty) has a heart murmur just like my hubby. Both Hera (girl kitty of course) and Beyaze are overweight (ahem) and they are both sweet and loveable – of course all traits I possess.

About 4 or 5 months ago, I  noticed a bare patch on Hera’s tummy that was consistently getting larger. I was about to take her to the vet, fearing some dread skin disease, when I observed the silly cat chewing the hair off her abdomen! Crazy! I have still been a little concerned about it, so when I took the pair in for their yearly shots yesterday I talked to my vet about it. Turns out it is a neurotic type habit! I have to laugh, but then I think about the whole pet taking after owner thing, and I laugh even harder. what a riot. My cat is as neurotic as me (and hubby, and actually this is more like a nervous habit of his, but we won’t go into that…its very endearing though). I like to thing that I have most of my neuroses under control these days. I have even had comments from students, friends, and strangers that I am so “calm”.  Often these days  that calm is on the inside too (although I used to be a nervous nelly all the time), but occassionally I am a writhing mass of anxiousness inside that is only rarely manifested on the outside (or at least I like to think so). And now I find that my kitty is just like me! Here she is seemingly all calm and put together in a way that only a female kitty can pull off and she is neurotically chewing the hair off her belly!

On the upside, the vet says that we don’t have to do anything about it as long as she is a mess of sores from chewing on herself. And her belly is so soft and she loves it when I rub it. I do too.


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