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a gift

We often don’t realize how much impact we have on other people. Our kindness, or our lack thereof, flows outward from us and is felt by those around us. I believe that we all are made up out of energy, and that energy emanates from us whether we like it or not. Many days I am certain my energy is sour and negative, and I don’t think about how that affects other people. Likewise on days when my energy is generous and full of light. I am prompted to think these thoughts today because of the effect of another person on me.

A dear friend of mine and I went berry picking today. It was raining, but we had planned for this day and I was told by various farmers that the blueberry days of summer were done or coming to a close. So off we went, to Cross Plains, TN hoping upon hope that by the time we arrived with our picking fingers at the ready, that the deluge that assaulted the windshield on the journey would have ceased.

And what do you know? For the most part it did! We arrived at our destination, Adam’s Farm and it was just barely sprinkling. We were greeted by the kindly proprieter ” Farmer Dan” with a grin and “got your bathing suits?” He guided us to the blueberry patch and took time along the way to lovingly speak of his fig trees and the best way to pick a blueberry. I felt my inner five-year-old child emerge in the beauty of the farm and the soft gentle sprinkle of rain as my mouth anticipated the bursting of berries upon mastication.  After the blueberry jaunt, which was most enjoyable (and it did stop raining for the most part), Farme r Dan took us out to the blackberry patch, showing us various fruit bearing plants along the way that we had never heard of and generally taking time and “visiting” with us. My friend described him as a “gentle soul”, and that really seemed to sum up the way his energy felt. Gentle. Giving. Kind. Caring. Generous. I felt like I had visited a wonderful dear old uncle (if I had such) all warm and fuzzy like rich hot cocoa on a bitterly cold day.

My friend mirrored my internal musings when she tried to get him to keep the change when she paid for her blackberries.  He kindly declined saying “you might need that fifty cents”. I too felt a desire to pay him back for the loving feeling and atmosphere he provided. The warmth he gave to my soul. Maybe in some way we did, maybe he enjoyed our ‘visit’ too. We paid very little for the fruit we harvested but what we received was much more valuable than we could every pay for.

I now I have lots and lots of fabulous fresh-picked berries to eat!!!


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