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I haven’t blogged about the scooter since last summer…well honestly I gave it up fraidy cat. I finally got the courage to ride it out in traffic a few times, and then well it got cold. So I let it sit. This is NOT, by the way, the recommended treatment of a new scooter, or well even an old scooter for that matter.

So this summer I had a bit of a hard time getting the ball rolling…well, because it would roll. Turns out that letting a scooter sit for a long period (especially when it is still in the ‘break-in period) is a really bad thing that causes lots of problems.)

So long story short, I now love riding the scooter. I would ride it everywhere if I could. I now totally get the whole lure of the motorcycle thing. except of course on a smaller and much slower scale (I really feel like I am getting ready for take-off if I go over 40mph). There is nothing better than a little scooter ride to raise the spirits and help me to just feel good about life. The breeze on my face, the sounds of the neighborhood and most especially the smells. You can smell everything (which most of the time is a really good thing) – things that we (I) don’t noticed when in the confines of my car: freshly cut grass, someone drying laundry, every flower, people’s (and business’) cooking. It is a very sensory experience. And as I am a very sensory type of gal, it really helps to anchor me fully in the present moment. Then whatever I am fretting about just seems a smidge less fretful. Someone said to me “look at you, how you are changing, breaking free of all that old stuff and even riding a scooter”. It does feel freeing like that.

I did have a minor “upseddy” moment (hour) on the scooter. Riding home last Sunday I was at a red light and it died. would not start. Luckily right on my left was a service station. The mechanic had total pity for me and even though he had never worked on a scooter before, fixed it for me. I had a few moments of panic, and embarrassment, and thinking that I am never never never taking this thing out on the road again. Turned out it was a routine maintenance item that was exacerbated by the lengthy time of neglect. And it turns out that I am not such a fraidy cat after all. 🙂


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