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Lost again….and thoughts on writing

So this is what happens. During the summer I got into a pretty regular (for me) pattern of blogging…and then school started and within no time, shot that all to hell.

However I have been blogging in my head. There is something about the act of blogging, or writing in general, that it seems that now that I have gotten started, I can’t voluntarily stop. So topics come into my mind all the time, and frequently I think about how I would blog them – what I would write, witticisms and so forth. Unfortunately I forget most of them, or I just don’t have time to type them out (or I don’t take time).

For instance, I have been wanting for some time to blog about my running experiences. Even posted that intent in a previous blog…and I could go there now, but I won’t.

I also would like to blog about my new perfume experience – first time wearing a perfume that I actually bought in a department store and that is a name that a lot of women (not me) would recognize. Overload of the olfactory. (I am very sensitive to perfumes and smells you see). And I would like to blog about the experience of my husband liking my perfume for the very first time in the 9 years we have been together.

Additionally I would like to blog about my experiences with a new group of students. 79 of them. About the culture of a group – the way this group has a much different feel than the last group. And about how different it is for me, coming at this with a little experience.

I also want to blog about my progress into Anna Karennina (or however the heck you spell it) and Karl Marx.

But I won’t blog (well, maybe I did a little) about any of those things because I don’t have time as any minute now I have an engagement.

What I do want to blog about for a minute is my dreams – particularly the dreams I have been having this week. (note: although it may not seem like it, there is a thread to this post, and this does tie back into what I was talking about in the first place).

I am typically a vivid dreamer. I remember my dreams very often and in great detail. Most of my dreams are process type dreams. Occassionally I have dreams that seem like stories. In these dreams I am usually omniscient or at least know the thoughts and feelings of more than one of the characters. Sometimes I am one of the characters (though the character is not me, Jennifer) and sometimes I am none of the characters.  My husband has been telling me for years that I should write these dreams down and write a book.

Well for the very first time I feel tempted to do so.

This week, all of my dreams have been story-dreams. It has really been quite entertaining. I have wondered if reading the great literary work by Tolstoy is affecting this. Whatever, it has been interesting. Last night I had a dream that started out in story manner – it was quite a drama. Then the dream ended – kinda. In my dream I played around with different possible endings. Then, I dreamed that the book was made into a movie. I was telling a friend about it, and how I didn’t like the movie as much because they took out the beginning scene from the book (my earlier dream) and moved the location from the city to the country.

All very very vivid, and very clear characters. My father was the father in the story, but otherwise none of the characters were people I know. So I got up and wrote about it. Who knows, maybe I will write a book…gasp..choke….overwhelming fear….who knows.


One Response

  1. reading your blog this morning has made me want to write more on MY blog! yay for feeling inspired 🙂

    i feel like we need to make an agenda for conversation topics to be sure we cover whenever we get to hang out (because there is so much to talk about and so little time! eek!) – and on that agenda i definitely want to include anna karenina.

    i also want to hear more about ugur liking your perfume…makes me want to take my love perfume shopping with me, too 🙂

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