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Seeing Red…and thoughts on birthday happiness

I got red lipstick today for my birthday. Well, mostly red, with brown and pinky tones. I also bought luscious bluegreen eyeshadow. Neither of these things are normal for me. I tend to want to buy/wear brighter things, but let fear dissuade me. My dear friend, whom I believe has excellent taste in makeup purchasing and application, went with me to MAC (love love love) and helped me pick out a lipstick. This is significant, because I have just been wearing gloss for the greater part of the last 8 or 9 years, which means that 99% of the time it looks like I am wearing nothing at all. And, if I were to pick out a lipstick by myself, it would be nude or pale pink. This is called “Diva” and that expresses it exactly. It feels quite sumptous and daring to have this brilliant color on my lips. Plus I added the green eyeshadow to the pinks I had applied this morning. I am bright! and I feel beautiful. It is good. So, friend, if you are reading this – you were right…bright lipstick is definitely a mood enhancer. Thank you for everything.

I am looking forward to testing the mood-enhancing properties of lipstick on low days.

Today is my birthday. I am 33 today, which I think is a magical number. My favorite number is 9 because of the roundness of it all, and my second favorite number is 3. So there you go.

I just want to laud my progress just a little bit. Today I ran 40 out of 43 minutes which equaled just over 3 miles. Pretty amazing for a girl of 213lbs. (I am holding out at 213…my friend made me an amazing homemade strawberry cake that is TO DIE FOR…so not weighing this week!) Anyway, that is a new record for me. 5k race here I come. I feel so amazed and energized that I have come this far in just a few short months. It really makes me think about how much more I can do if I set my mind to it. the possibilities really are limitless.

So here is to a fabulous beginning to an absolutely fabulous year. This is going to be my best one yet!


2 Responses

  1. reading this post made me so, so happy 😉 i’m thrilled that my lipstick evangelism has won you over!! yesterday morning for jess’s race, we had to get up at 4:30 michigan time (which felt like 3:30 for me, on nashville time)…so i stumbled around, got dressed, etc…and then went over to the mirror to put on mascara and lipstick. and jess was like “what ARE you doing? why would you put on make up at a time like this???” and i tried to explain that having lipstick on really would make for a better morning, and i think she just didn’t buy it. but i know you understand now, my fellow glamourpussed lipstick friend 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday again! I know what you mean about wearing more color, I’ve been doing the same too. Something about it just makes me feel brighter. The days I dress in more colors and wear a little makeup help me feel pretty and boost my day. I told DH that after 8 years of looking like a shrub, having some color makes me feel absolutely radiant!

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