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Completion of #1 of 50 list

What an accomplishment. Last night I finally finished Anna Kareninna. Phew. I must say that despite the enormity of the book (it is soooo long), there was much of merit. I also must say that I don’t feel that I fully grasped some of the deeper themes about social conditions and the significance of the two major love stories to those social themes. I think there is significance there, but I require more pondering.  Another thing I don’t understand (and I won’t give details so I won’t give things away to my friend who is reading this too) is that after the major climactic event the story takes an unexpected and rather boring (to me) turn of events. It seems that after this event would have been a good place to end the book – or I wanted to hear more about the impact of the event on the different characters, but seemingly irrelevant characters are brought to the fore and it is politics and war that it the subject of the next 50 pages before the book finally draws to a close. I will tell you, that last 50 pages was quite a struggle to get through. But I perservered, hoping for some conclusion that I never reached. I think I missed something. I think there was something of cultural and period-significance that I am not able to fully comprehend. I can sense that it is there….but it is just out of my grasp.

I think it has been quite helpful to me to have been reading “The Communist Manifesto” simulataneously (thought it is I confess being quite the chore as well).  You have Vronsky, a true bourgiouse and then Levin, still a bourgiouse but you can see he growth toards social/communist leanings as he beging to see his peasants as more than just worker drones that serve (an often act against) his creation of wealth. The book helped me to see the old mindset of feudalism, which was not so far in the distant past, and how it’s dissolution and the subsequent unrest in Russia led to the creation of a Communist mindset. To my understanding, Levin is exemplary of this.

ah, these concepts are too big for my mind this early sunday morning and my body needs to run.


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