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aarrgh…throttle throttle

That is describe the verbal sounds I am making and the physical action I would like to take toward a particular student right now. I just spent an hour and 1/2 grading a ridiculous, inaccurate and plagiarized paper. Lovely.

That is just a fraction of the aggravation and ridiculous behavior that I have endured from the student for the past two weeks. Luckily, my time with her will be done for the semester as soon as I spend a ridiculous amount of time documenting her inappropriate behavior in clinical so she can receive student counseling. Lucky for me, she is on another campus, so another instructor will be doing the actual counseling in my stead. Otherwise the action in the title might prove irresistable.

ridiculous and trifling. I don’t often have the opportunity to use that word trifling, so I am certain it is spelled wrong. Or maybe it is just the southern tendency to add extra vowels. I digress.

I am a psychiatric nurse, and love psych patients…but not when they are my students.

To provide an example of a smidge of her ridiculous behavior: I receive an email from her a few hours before her assignment is due. Now the assignment requires listing and defining her assigned client’s (it is a clinical assignment) Axis I diagnosis. Which means in short, psychiatric diagnosis. She is also to provide textbook diagnosis and the client’s symptoms in comparison.  In the email she tells me that the clients diagnosis in the client’s chart was “nightmares and FB” (wrong, but not the point) and that she cannot find a textbook definition. She then proceeds to explain to me that FB is a flesh-browning disease of apples.

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I did not respond.

MUST Keep trying to remember the faces of sweet lovely and intelligent students….


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