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Love of all things Pumpkin

My Jack-O-Lantern!

My Jack-O-Lantern!

I love pumpkins. Truly I do. I love their orangey-roundness and their autumnal-significance. Fall used to be my favorite season. However for the past few years…ahem…decade or so I have dreaded the fall due to what it portends: that winter and rain and no sun and general dreariness are just around the corner. But truly there is so much about Fall that I love. Smell of crushed leaves, golden reds-oranges-browns-yellows of trees. And of course pumpkins.

 Anything pumpkin is grand, pumpkin pie being the all time favorite. But there is so much fun-ness! An eon or so ago (it seems) I picked out two grand pumpkins. Beautiful oranges – one duskier perfectly round and the other larger, brighter orange and a little on the lopsy side.  Love love.

Tonight I finally had time to do some carving. There is something wonderful about digging your hands in pumpkin slime to scoop out the seeds. I made a jack-o-lantern that I am quite proud of and as I speak it is shining in my front yard for all to see. I also scooped out some of the pumpkin fles and baked it. It is simmering in spices on my stove and will eventually evolve into my newest obsession: pumpkin butter.  HEAVENLY. A dear glamourpuss told me that pie pumpkins make better cooking. I tried that last week and it was marvelous. But I must have more, so we will see how the big ole pumpkin does. If worst comes to worst, I have back-up cans of pumpkin that I am sure will make lovely pumpkin butter.

I am also roasting the seeds as we speak. Those are my husband’s addiction…and I must admit I am rather fond of them myself. We (read he) roasted a batch of pumpkin (from the pie pumpkin) and butternut squash seeds but I think used to much oil or cooked too long or something as they don’t break open well. I think its grand to just pop them in, chew up the flavor and spit all the bits out…but he…well he is a seed connoisseur and they must pop open just so.

Pumpkin love love. It really has done wonders to soothe my soul. And my soul needs soothing.


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  1. mmmmm i really want to try your pumpkin butter 🙂 i’ll bet it puts store bought pumpkin butter to shame!! hurray for pumpkins, and for you!

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