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I like Pressing 1 for English

Thinking about this and what the hell is wrong with pushing 1 for English. This is prompted from several emails that I have received lately that talk about this as a bad thing. (Sometimes just hitting delete is a very good thing. When I don’t, issues like this take up headspace).

 I personally like knowing that I have options. I also like knowing that other people have options too. I have cared for people who didn’t speak English, and not knowing what is going on can be a very frightening thing. I have been a patient in a foreign country, and it was a challenge hearing other people talk about me and what was going on with me and having no clue what they were talking about.

I like knowing that I am from a country with choices. My ancestors certainly had those types of choices when they immigrated here several generations back. No one was denying them opportunities because they didn’t speak the language. I think all those haters just need to take a giant leap in the river. Or at least realistically think about what would have happened if someone had denied rights to their grandparents or great-grandparents because they didn’t speak English. Sure their foremothers and fathers probably tried to learn the language. Probably. Maybe not..because most immigrants moved into communities where there were other immigrants from the same countries and they didn’t HAVE to learn the language to get by. They relied on their children to learn English.

And another word to those haters. (I am feeling like a hater towards the haters today). I wonder how many of those naysaying republican conservative nationalists  actually speak another language…fluently. Its not easy to do. Believe me, I have been trying to learn Turkish for years now. And I, unlike many immigrants, have a lot of resources available to me to learn another language. Its harder as you get older. The immigrants that I know that don’t speak English well desperately want to speak the language. They want to fit in. But its hard. And the English languages classes can be expensive. The ones that aren’t expensive fill up very very quickly. Hell they all fill up quickly.

I really don’t curse very often, but this has just rubbed me the wrong way today. So hell, hell, hell, hell.

Seriously, lets focus on a real issue. Quit being a hater racist prig.

(prig is a good word don’t you think?)


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  1. Dragonnnesss, it is so surprising that you have not learnt Turkish all these years. Try this “How to learn Turkish” and am sure that you will be able to learn Turkish in no time.

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