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Sick of being sick

I am still sick. Immediately after my last post about emerging from HELL, I contracted Bronchitis…a bout that has really kicked my butt. The Z-pack was finished yesterday, and the majority of the gunk from my chest has moved into my sinuses and left ear…so while I feel some better, I still generally feel like crapola. Something about one’s head feeling like an overinflated and very heavy basketball does not put me in the best of moods. I have not felt well in one and a half weeks…which in the grand scope of things is not very long but feels like FOREVER. My whine-o-meter maxxed out days ago, so hubby says.

Anyway, stepping outside of myself for a moment, it is interesting to watch my dismay and anxiety about not being able to run. I mean, I am sure that not running (much) for 2 weeks isn’t going to completely put my training in the potty…but that is my fear. Yesterday I felt worse than today, but once again tried to talk myself out of it and went to the gym anyway. I did run a mile before wracking bouts of coughing overtook me and then struggled on to walk/run another mile in between efforts to try to breathe through my mucus filled sinuses before I finally decided to listen to my wheezing lungs and racing thready pulse and give it up as generally not a good idea. Part of me is impressed with my determination…another part is scared that I have lost my stamina and all that I have worked so hard to build. dammit. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that I would do anything to get out of a workout. Now, having worked out only a few days in the last week (and only minimally then) I feel like I am missing something vital.

Who knew?


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