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Closer to 13.1

I am having a severe case of general life-suckiness right now, so in an effort not to focus on what is bringing me down, I am going to ramble a bit about a very good thing in my life right now: my running.

This weekend I ran 12 miles! Felt fabulous….well mostly. Actually I thought I had run 13. I am running around a beautiful one-mile loop at Centennial Park and I usually keep up with loops by a combination of counting and keeping time. However, I forgot my watch, so though I had counted 13 miles, when I got back to my car to check my time, I was about 12 minutes under what I expected. So, albeit it could have been 13 miles if I was really rocking it out (which it did NOT feel like), I am thinking it was probably 12.

Digressing. So after this run my feet were really killing me. Perhaps that is to be expected, but it felt like bones were cracking in my feet, and my hips felt pretty lousy as well. I have obstinately been sticking to wearing my non-running shoes because I love love love Earth shoes so so much. I have felt like they have done wonders to correct my high arch – which in the past has caused me a lot of pain (gone now wearing these shoes). Earth doesn’t however, have a designated running shoe, so I have tried out several different pairs of their sneakers, most recently a walking shoe that is super comfortable…but perhaps not so good for a long run.

After running the 12 on Sat I came home to hubby and said “thinks you are right” and we headed to Fleet Feet Nashville (which is actually in Brentwood, but anyway) to have my little tootsies fitted/tested and all that. I have been told that this is a must if you are going to run…but sometimes it takes me a while to listen. The staff at Fleet Feet were awesome. Drew was tremendously helpful – watching me run and putting some dreamy shoes on my feet. He confirmed that I do have high-arches (still, even though they are better I think, thank you Earth shoes) and that I under-pronate when I run. Fancy way of saying that my feet turn slightly inwards. I knew that too. He first put me in a pair of super soft Nikes that made me feel like I was walking on a cloud of air. Next we tried several other pairs, stability being the key ingredient that apparently my Earth shoes are lacking. I finally settled on a beautiful (and spensive, ouch) pair of Brooks that make me feel like a rockstar…or a running star. I have now run 9 miles total in these new  shoesies and I am feeling pretty good about them. They do change the way I run, and I do feel more supported. My feet feel a little lighter. I can also feel the difference in stability. Drew also gave me some great tips about my stride and how my feet are striking (vs how they should strike) when I run, as well as some great 1/2 marathon tips. I will totally be back to see him when I need my next pair.

I even was so bold to buy a new bumper sticker there. Its pink and says “runner girl”. Yep, thats me. Who’da thunk it?


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