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Down the Creative Marathon Road

I have completed miles #3 and #4 in the past 26 hours. Work and whatever kind of slowed down my gung-ho-ness. I actually started #3 last Saturday, but just couldn’t get to finishing it. I decided to complete it while I was having a kind of stress-ful phone conversation and I found that it did a lot to calm me and release tension that I would have be feeling during the conversation otherwise. I also found it interesting that the colors came out darker than I anticipated, likely because of the “dark mood” that went a long with the conversation. I debated on going back and lightening the colors, but decided that it came out as it was supposed to. I am really enjoying the texture that arises from layering all this paint. The blending of the colors also gives me this feeling of freedom. The colors don’t always blend smoothly, and I find I like it more when the base colors bleed through. Often I don’t get the color I am aiming for exactly, but most often am pleased with the result. It is learning to live in the process and allow to process to happen organically. I could always throw the paint out and start again, but I never was much on that and why fight it? I am also learning that if I don’t like the color I can always go back over it. This happened with mile #4. I wanted a brown cup, but the brown came out very very bleh..and then I questioned my reasoning behind wanting the brown, wanting to be so plain. I think it was because I didn’t like the image. It wasn’t as fun and playful as the previous miles have been. It felt so mundane, and I was feeling a little mundane of spirit. I decided to liven it up a bit with splotches of color, and then suddenly mundane was a little more lively and free…and I felt better about my simple cup.

But I get ahead of myself. Here is mile #3:

I love this little bird…the bigness of her, and the swirliness of her colors. Whitney said to go for asymmetry, and I loved making her out of proportion with her uneven wings and large beak to break through the air. Whitney also talks about needing symmetry of color or balance, but I didn’t feel like adding any more green anywhere in the piece. So I took some yellow and swirled it through several of the colors. I think that balanced it out.

For mile #4, I repeat the lesson of letting go. I liked my little bird and for a few seconds it was hard to let go of her. Sure I have a picture, but that doesn’t replicate her texture and realness that you witness when you are right there with her. I am struck by the impermance of all things, and I let my paintbrush fly.

Here is #4. I am out of for today to say more, so I will let the picture speak for itself.

The glare is a little bad. Perhaps I will take another pic. Perhaps not.


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  1. I love your paintings. I especially love your insights!!! Great the way you worked through the “obstacles” and didn’t let it block you. Interesting how the “obstacles” become part of the process. And yes, the yellow helped balance it. 🙂

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