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seemingly random

My latest painting for the creative marathon was to paint a representation of balance. Also in the instruction was to use paper on the canvas in creative ways. The crane or egret is a significant symbol of balance for me, so I got out my fancy paper, tore up some strips, and attempted to collage a crane onto the canvas. Then, so I imagined, I would throw some paint on and there would be this perfect representation of balance and a beautiful crane. (I forgot that balance does not equal perfection).

Did I ever mention that realism is not my strong suit (maybe I mean this in several areas of my life. maybe). I am much better with the abstract. So my little crane came out looking much more like a giant dodo bird, with a strong chest, large head, and ungainly feet. Not really balanced at all. So today, I took again to the canvas with the intention of throwing some paint around and trying to salvage my crane. I kept repeating the word “balance” and trying to hone in on what was balanced or how to represent balance as I tried to let go of my image of this perfect crane. I mixed up some colors and at seeming random, slapped some paint on this way and that. Before I knew it I had this mountain shape of layered colors with the heart of the crane at its center (which was an actual heart from one of the strips of paper) and revelation struck me! I had painted the colors of my chakras. I have long engaged in a chakra meditation, and these particular colors have consistently come up in the different chakras (and they aren’t colors typically “assigned” to the chakras). My crown is white (clouds at the top of the mountain). Third eye is always yellow. Throat is green. Heart is blue (sometimes red, but blue came out here). Navel is orange, sacral is purple and root is pink.

Seemingly at random, and here it is. I didn’t plan it that way…well maybe some unconscious part of me did. I also find it very interesting which of the chakras are larger in this image. More for me to think about.

I guess it is obvious where I need to be focusing on balance.


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